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I got two things for Max today. Newer Tires (30" Mud Terrains) and Tow hooks. w00t!!!!
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In the building that my father owns, and I work in, we have a lawyer who rents from us. Right now he is having a meeting in our conference room. So his clients come in and I show them to the conference room. Well I got up to go to the bathroom, yeah i know you wanted to know, and I look outside. What to my amazing eyes do I see? JEEPS!! Grand Cherokee Jeeps. (Not my fav but damnit it's a freaking jeep!) and Oh my a Liberty (bleh). But yes it's a jeep convention going on out there and I wasn't invited. hahaha. Mines too muddy for them to play with anyways, I must wash it after work if it doesnt rain today. :D

On a side note thanks to Dan I no longer have black (almost sludge) oil running through my jeep, and I don't have ickie almost sludgie transfer case fluid anymore. It's all cleaned and replaced and changed. Oh and I found out where my Transfer case is ... hahaha. I'm such a freaking dork!
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At one point I owned a Flame Red Jeep, now I own this red crystal colored jeep, it's really pretty honestly. I wish I had a digital to take a picture of it, it's funny. One big red ice dome.

That's all for now.


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