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So lets see what's new in my life?

My Garden at the farm is doing well. I have to weed it again this weekend, I didn't get too far because it was so hot out and I got so sick.

Ummm ... my cousins from the UK are coming in the middle of July.

Sir has a slight case of skin cancer on his face. Surgery to be scheduled.

I am taking Friday off so I can have a nice long weekend.

I'm busy running around like a madwomen this summer, but I think I quite like it.

Training Weebie has not progressed. Planning on spending a lot of time with her this weekend.

My weight is still sky high, but I care less about it now.

That's about it. Just thought I'd give a little update.
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Last week was hell on my emotions. You see the 20th was a play party which puts me in this fantastic head space, well normally. I was off due to some things beyond my control and then the fact that the very next day I was up and out the door to head back to Erie at an early hour. *sigh* So I never got my gentle trip back into reality. I was jerked back out of my happy head space. No one's fault but my own.

Anyway last week was hell on my emotions. So last Friday and Saturday Sir gave me what I needed. He was very attentive to me, snuggled close with Sir and pampered to within an inch of my life. It was exactly what I needed.

I'm a lucky girl.


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